Breast Augmentation – How to Choose Size of Breast Implant

One of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make after deciding to enlarge your breasts is what size of implant to choose. Many factors go in to your decision about the look that you want to achieve. Of course you want to rely on the advice of an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, but ultimately you have to make the final decision.

Easy Test Methods

The Rice Test– This simple and effective test is one that you can do in privacy at home and is one of the best methods. It involves filling a non-Ziploc plastic storage bag with a measured amount of rice, placing the bag into your bra until you have the look that you are comfortable with, and converting that amount to cc’s of the implant. cc’s or cubic centimeters is the unit of measure used to measure volume. (See the conversion table below.)

1 cup = 236cc

1/2 cup = 118cc

3/4 cup = 177cc

1/4 cup = 59cc

1/3 cup = 78cc

2/3 cup = 156cc

1/8 cup = 30cc

Placing the Device Into Your Bra- This is a common method used by many Plastic Surgeons however it is not nearly as accurate as the Rice Test. The device does not conform to your Breast shape and does not accurately show what it look like after augmentation once inside your body. Best results are achieved by placing clothing over the implant and bra, gently pressing down on the top to make the lower part bulge and checking your dressed profile from the side in a mirror.

View Before and After Picture on your Doctor’s and Manufacturer’s Websites– Most doctors who do Breast Augmentation have Before and After pictures either in their office or on their website. These can be helpful for you especially in evaluating the quality of the doctor’s results and his/her concept of what a pleasing and appropriate appearance is. It can also give you an idea of what various sizes look like on different women. Manufacturer’s websites such as Loveyourlook provide a very wide range of before and After Photos showing various results with actual volume records.

Ask friends who have had surgery to share their results-Close friends who have had this surgery are often willing to share their experience with you. Sometimes a really good friend will actually allow you to see her result and share her implant volume with you. This can be very helpful to you and your Plastic Surgeon in determining what result you are really looking for.

Other Important factors:

Size and appearance that you want to achieve? Do you want to have full large breasts so that your cleavage is a prominent feature of your appearance in or out of clothing? Do you only want to regain the firmness and fullness that you had before weight loss or having children? Are you an active person who exercises or runs frequently and just want a nicely formed small full shape that looks normal in running or exercise clothing? Do you just want to improve the shape of your breast to a more normal appearance and do not care to be much larger? These are very important questions to answer. Look at fashion magazines, health and fitness magazines, modeling photos and decide what look you hope to achieve.

Your Height, Weight and Body Type-These factors are also important in determining the size of implant that will be best for you. Petite women generally require a smaller volume than taller and larger women. The size of your Breast implant should blend nicely with your body for a natural non-operated look.

Your Natural Shape and Size-There is a wide variation in the natural shape of the Female Breast. Shape can be Ptotic (sagging), Tubular (constricted), atrophic (absent tissue), very small, average, and almost all women have asymmetry where one side is larger than the other. Experience and skill is required of your surgeon to achieve a natural look when different shapes are present. Some people require a Mastopexy or Lift. Very specific techniques are required to correct a Tubular shape. Your natural shape will have a very important influence on the size of the Implant that can be used on you.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Finding the best Surgeon is very important. Most Plastic Surgeons do Breast Augmentation but fewer specialize in Cosmetic Surgery and have a great deal of experience in Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery. Do your homework and find a doctor that you are comfortable with, trust and who has a good reputation. Trust is essential before you undertake this step which can be a very happy experience which makes you feel better about your appearance.

How to Embrace Harajuku Fashion?

Named after the Harajuku district in Japan, Harajuku fashion has travelled far and wide to attract the attention of many fashion enthusiasts. This groundbreaking style of clothing represents the freedom of expression, as it has lured many teenagers across the globe. As one among the many street styles, harajuku fashion is changing for the better, as the seemingly disparate styles as well as colors have become reason enough to enhance the popularity of this trendy style.

Specialty of this trendy style
This bright style that comes with lot of layers is the reflection of the dressing attitude of many teenagers. Unlike other trendy styles, where the brands and shops produce a great influence over the type of outfits, harajuku remains to be a style dictated by the teenagers. Fashion enthusiasts can chance upon many shops catering to the enthusiasts who aspire to get dressed in the Lolita and Harajuku mode, but the spirit of this trendy mode happens to be the reflection of the dressing style pertaining to the teenagers. Customizing the outfits to suit their looks and the attitude to try out new outfits is the underlying factor that forms the base on which this mode has grown over a period of time, from the period dating back to the 1980s when this style became popular.

How to select Harajuku apparels?
Considered to be a rich blend of traditional and modern designs, harajuku fashion advocates the mix and match mode, where the contrasting colors and the layers related to the outfits dictate the specialty of this style. Enthusiasts who crave to embrace this trendy style will also have to know that this style is a creative one, as novel ways of dressing is seen as the best form of embracing this popular mode of dressing. The different genres and influences are also mixed, and an enthusiast longing to get dressed in harajuku style opts even for crazy outfits that carry geometric designs and weird shapes. While bright colors form the focal point of this style, unusual contrasts become the sought mode by many enthusiasts.

How to opt for the best dress?
It is not about choosing any type of dress as when it comes to this trendy style. Considering several options and deciding upon the trendy mode that fits into your scheme of dressing is the idea on which this style is built. Intricate designs make up for a good choice, and before deciding to embrace this trendy style, it is essential to glean information about this mode from the many fashion magazines and publications to make the right choice. An enthusiast can come across various outfits in the magazines, which serve as a good source to get inspired when an enthusiast seeks to embrace this style.
Stay on course with the changing trends, and embellish your looks with the latest dress that embraces this style, which helps you gain unique looks.

Why Online Magazines Are Becoming More Popular

We have seen an enormous growth in the capabilities and opportunities of the online world. The everyday online magazine, blog, listing or website has now become the best accessible, most effective way of advertising anything; whether it is a roll of toilet paper, or the latest addition to the gadget world.

The average person today would much rather quickly read an article or news report on the internet, where it is immediately accessible and available, than going out to buy a specific newspaper or magazine that includes the specific article or news bulletin. Think about it; you hear that one of your favourite soapy stars has been nominated for an award. You are sitting in front of your laptop. Would you rather quickly log onto the internet and search the story in a search engine, or would you waste ten minutes going to the shop and searching for a magazine or newspaper that includes the story? Easy answer, isn’t it?

Well, one of the best ideas of portraying valuable information and adding to the online world is the online magazine. Somebody give the person who thought of that an award! Not only are online magazines more easily accessible than print magazines; they are usually free as well; which is an added bonus! And, what’s more, online magazines are generally a lot more laid back and fun that print magazines. They may contain anything from short stories submitted by readers, to fun, informative articles and advertisements! So, people tend to enjoy them a lot more than print magazines.

Should you start an online magazine to be the online version of a print magazine, you will benefit in regards to exposure. This is because you can ‘piggy-back’ on the print magazine’s established brand and fame and so build a greater online community, because of popularity. More and more brands are taking this route nowadays. Fashion houses and retailers, grocery stores and supermarkets and pharmacies are just some of the types of companies that are relying on their already established business and brand to build a new one and reach more people via the internet.

Brand visibility is extremely important to any business, because that is where the market is going: online and digital. There has been an enormous growth in the popularity in social networks like Facebook and Twitter being used as marketing tools. So, when you do decide to start an online magazine, remember that it is important to back it up with some kind of marketing; even if it is free marketing, like Facebook and Twitter. Use what is out there to build a brand, and then look at spending money on marketing, if it is necessary at all!