Five Tips for Thick, Luxurious Hair

Thick, luxurious hair is a beauty asset every woman craves, but some have a harder time achieving that look than others. If your hair is fine or limp, you may find yourself struggling each morning with a flat head of hair that just won’t behave. Even if you weren’t blessed with naturally thick tresses, you can still attain that sexy, bouncy look you see in fashion magazines. Here are some tips to help achieve thicker, fuller hair.

Try Highlights

Highlights bless you with a sunny, natural look. They also give limp strands a body boost from the inside out. Lightening agents can actually expand the hair shaft up to three times its normal volume, making hair appear fuller and more lustrous.

Layer Your Look

Ask one of our stylists for a layered cut that flatters your face and lifts you at the crown. Even stick-straight hair, when layered just right, can go from flat to fantastic. If your hair is naturally thin or limp, opt for a style no longer than chin length. The shorter your strands, the more control you have over your shape and height.

Blow Dry With Purpose

The technique you use to blow your hair dry can make a big difference in how thick or thin your mane appears. Allow your hair to air dry as much as possible; this minimizes stress and heat damage, which can cause breakage and thin out your look. Part semi-damp hair on the opposite side of your natural part and dry it in this position to create lift at the roots.

Choose lightweight products

Thinner hair can get dragged down by heavy gels and creams. Use a light styling product with natural ingredients for maximum body without harsh chemicals. Avoid products with PVP or plastice polymers, use products that do not build up on the scalp clogging follicles, leaving a healthy foundation for hair to grow in and will not clogs follicles.

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Hair

Your hair is a reflection of your physical health. Bodies deficient in vitamin B6 and iron are more likely to produce dull, flat hair that breaks easily. If your hair is deficient, it’s much harder to achieve a full and healthy look. Nourish yourself with vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables and take a daily supplement with plenty of water. When you’ve got a healthy head of hair to work with, it’s much easier to tease your tresses into a fantastic style that flatters.

Some studies have shown that not taking care of your scalp can leave your hair flat, dry, and limp. This is because your scalp is an extension of your skin and should get the same care and attention as the skin on the rest of your body receives. The hair products we use on a daily basis build up on our scalp creating a unhealthy foundation for your hair to grow in. By exfoliating your scalp you can energize the skin where your hair takes root to create a healthier environment that will grow healthier hair. It is recommended once a week to remove that buildup of products and dead skin cells so that their scalp will be healthier for healthier hair.

Breast Obsessions and Body Image – Seven Tips to Go From Obsessions to Health

From Booby-Trapped to Treasured Chest

1. Why breast? Why now?

At the same time, during 1940’s when large female breasts were ‘discovered’ as the most efficient vehicle for promoting merchandize, advertisements agencies started using the image of large size female breasts for selling everything from toothpaste to cars.

The wishes of women, who perceived their breasts to be too small, came true with the invention of breast implants.

Now, with the advances of science, medicine, technology and art, the age of breast enhancement is here to stay. Millions of women volunteer to change their breast size and shape with hope to feel sexier, attractive or even just ‘normal’, the new normal that is.

2. Shame: The new emotion of our generation

Never before had the emotion ‘shame’ been self-inflicted on an entire generation of women.

Ask a healthy cheer-leader, a mother of three or a post-menopause grandmother: what is one body-part that ‘cost’ you the most energy, fantasy, grief, pride, pleasure and shame? Well, breasts will often be the first choice, while nose and hair will occupy far second and third choices…

Many women now treat their breasts as foreign objects. Our culture is only too happy to play along with their perceptions, frustrations and hopes.

All past generations, since the beginning of time, were concerned with women breasts as well. However, size and shape were not on anybody’s mind.

The true function of female breasts – breast feeding – was the main interest of the human family.

Shame for the appearance of one’s breasts is culture’s invention of the past several decades.

3. Large enough breasts on a size zero female body – the new dilemma

According to women fashion magazines and the entertainment industry; a female’s body size of zero with large size breasts is the new standard of beauty. This standard is running havoc in the body-image and health of millions of young women.

However, as you know, breasts are partially made of fat cells. The logic that follows is that very thin women would not develop large size breasts, right?

Well, who needs logic when you can have it all?

The combined forces of breast obsession and unhealthy body image have inspired the solution to the dilemma. Now a very thin body with large breast implants is the latest ‘hot look’ for women of all ages.

4. ‘Looking sexy’ is not necessarily feeling sexy

Body image is the perceptions/fantasies/wishes and sometime negative feelings we attach to our live body.

A woman could walk into a department store, buy all the latest fashions, cosmetics and accessories and be told by an army of sales associates, friends and lovers that she looks great, sexy, attractive and so on.

Coming home, removing the make-up and clothes: will those feelings linger?

In most cases that I have interviewed, encountered and treated, the looks of the person did not transmit the message to the body: I feel sexy.

The gap between feeling one’s powers and identity vs. one’s looks is widening. The reason for the gap is the barrages of messages around us combined with too little knowledge of our own body.

5. Teens and breast implants; the unseen dangers

Did you hear that the most popular high school graduation gift for girls is breast implants? Well, you have heard the wrong information. The car is back as the gift of choice for the graduates. And breast implants? Don’t worry, they did not disappear; they are the imperative gift for the Sweet Sixteen!

The danger here is that the process of sexualizing the mind of the young girl is starting before the fully developed body gave the signals: I am ready.

This process is irreversible. No therapists, drugs or treatments can give your child back their innocence.

Breast implants on a child of sixteen, or anytime before maturity is damaging and permanent.

6. Are men breast obsessed? Are women?

Men are attracted to women’s bodies and body-parts for the survival of our species.

Some men are attracted to a certain female’s body part more than other parts.

However, in the last couple of decades women ‘took over’ the lead and fascination with size and shape of females’ breast as their own interests. These days, breasts and other body-part obsessions and the industries behind them service women’s body image needs.

7. Is there a way out from obsession?


The healing of an obsession is a process that encompasses one’s mental health, strength of character, spirituality and more.

It will engage your self awareness: are you aware of obsessions/preoccupations interfering with the quality of your life?

Breast obsession and body image issues are now a mental health hazard with a lot of painful consequences. In many instances you can see the beginning of the obsessions in boys and girls early on in their teen years.

Yes, I did say boys. We ‘teach’ boys at very young age how mom and dad are fascinated by large breasts… It’s somewhat like a code we are passing down the generations.

Therefore, one of the best ways to deal with the young generation’s skewed outlook on the human body is to treat it as a family issue.

There are powerful results when energy is focused on positive, healthy aliveness rather than the concerns of breast obsessions and body image issues.

Easy Tips to Settle Your Career As A Makeup Artist

These days every career is blooming and all because of the increasing demand for the same. Talking of which, the career of a makeup artist is one of the best ones that is ruling market these days. Certainly, a skilled person with good experience, knowledge and of course creativity is right suited for such career. And if you think you belong in this career, and then certainly this is the right place where you have landed up. Take a look at some of the effective tips which will help you out to make the right choice in getting into this career.

Career as Makeup Artists:

A beauty artist is a creative person who is using the human body as a medium applies different styles of makeup for television, fashion, theatrical and even magazines. In the modeling industry, it holds a great importance. If you have noticed, awards are given to such experts in the entertainment field such as an Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hair styling and Golden Globes awards. If you want to make a career in this field, you can grab for the best production company. You also have a good scope to settle your career in this as a freelancer and earn pretty good.

Easy Tips to Become a Makeup Artist:

Brush Up Your Skills:

This is important as it helps you practice a lot on your hands and techniques. You can try for yourself and friends and make yourself perfect in the craft. Remember, even if you are a settled actor, to apply makeup to yourself and others requires anal together different set of coordination and skills.

Experiment with Different Looks:

For makeup artists, this is the most crucial thing to be done. Get inspired by reading magazines and check out some incredible fashion blogs. You need to keep yourself updated with new trends and styles of makeup that are coming up these days. This will help you deliver the right type of make that your client expects.

Join A Beauty School:

Once you enroll yourself in a beauty school, you will learn some good tricks and techniques. Besides, it is a great opportunity to earn money and utilize your time. Many schools also allow their students to get selected for the top most companies and this can be a great chance.

Other than this, try to market yourself. Create a blog and put pictures of your talent so that people will know about your style of art.

As long as you have a good experience, keep experimenting with new styles, aware about the best beauty products ruling the market and undergoing some of the best certification course, you certainly will have a good opportunity in this sector. Beauty artists play a huge role in the entertainment field. Some beauty artists are well talented to do makeup for the bride while some artists are well talented to do makeup in a salon. Now, what is your style you decide and go ahead with the best makeup that you can come across?